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Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend. When you’re looking for that all important diamond for a special occasion, why settle for second best? At Paul’s Fine Jewellery & Gifts, we make it even easier to steal that special someone’s heart with our stunning collection of high-quality diamond rings and other outstanding jewellery pieces.

Elegance that Lasts for a Lifetime

Jewellery is an embodiment of pure passion. It shows how much someone loves you. Even if that someone is none other than yourself. Diamond rings are beautifully crafted pieces of art that signify love. Culminating in those iconic styles, diamond rings have played a major role in greatest love stories across the world. At Paul’s Fine Jewellery, we offer top quality engagement diamond rings in Melbourne that are crafted with unrivaled devotion. Each one of our design is a product of technical precision and unwavering artistic passion.

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    As we are Antwerp Diamond Broker, you can be assured of quality when you buy diamonds from us. Our diamonds come in a range of colours and cuts including pear, round, princess and cushion, all of which are fully certified. You’ll find our prices extremely competitive and our highly experienced team are on hand to offer you advice if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Choose from our designer range or have our loose diamonds incorporated into your very own design.

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Superlative standards and time-honored craftsmanship give our rings a sparkle and brilliant scintillation like none other. Our diamond rings can be recognized even from across extremely crowded rooms. You can now explore our range of diamonds online to pick the one that reflects your mood and persona. After all nothing can symbolize your vibrancy like a piece of sparkling diamond jewellery.

Symbolizing the Women of Today

Although the modern-day brides do not behold the sartorial tradition, there is one detail that remains the same - diamonds. Nothing has yet replaced diamonds in being the best friend of a girl. For this reason we have breath taking collection of diamond jewellery that redefine your entrance on your big day. As radiant and unique as you are, our engagement rings brilliantly capture the promise and passion of true love. With us, stealing your special person’s heart is now simple.

As we are an Antwerp Diamond Broker, you can be assured of our diamond quality. Available in a variety of colors and cuts such as pear, round, princess and cushion, all of them are fully certified. Besides, we offer them to you at highly competitive prices. However, if you are not sure of what you want, our highly experienced team will help you in choosing the one that precisely caters to your taste. Furthermore, we are one of those jewellery stores, which have wedding and engagement rings as well as rosebud watch.

Design Consultation is Just a Call Away

With us you can either choose from our designer range or get our loose diamonds incorporated into your own design. Just call us on 03 5986 3705. Our stunning collection is sure to set the heartbeat of your loved one racing.

Pop into our store today to browse our stunning collection of diamond rings or contact us on 03 5986 3705 to arrange a design consultation.